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Basic Buying Information

Wall Art:

  • Traditional Canvas

    Traditional Canvas

  • Stretched Canvas

    Stretched Canvas

  • Flat Mounted Canvas

    Flat Mounted Canvas

  • ThinWrap


  • Metal (video below)

    Metal (video below)

Paper Prints:

"I want to buy some photos, but what do all of these options mean?"

When you click on the green "Buy" or "Buy Photos" button, you are presented with four basic options after clicking on "This Photo":

-Wall Art

- Paper Prints

- Keepsakes

- Digital Downloads

Keep in mind that no matter which product you choose, certain sizes will maintain the original aspect ratio of the photograph, while others will require some cropping, which you are able to do prior to checking out.  In most cases, 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, or 24x36 is best.

Wall Art

-Traditional Canvas

Giclee Fine Art Prints are printed directly onto the canvas material.  The Giclee process enables direct printing onto museum-quality canvas material.  A protective spray coating is applied to the surface of each print to help prevent scratches and other damage.

The canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame with part of the photo visible on the sides of the frame.  Since a portion of the image is wrapped around the sides of the frame, less of the image is visible from the front.  A traditional canvas can easily be hung on a wall.

-Stretched Canvas

The same printing process and material is used as the Traditional Canvas.  The canvas is stretched around a wooden frame and stapled on the edges leaving the full image visible on the front.  A stretched canvas can be hung on a wall or mounted in a frame.

-Flat Mounted Canvas

The same printing process and material is used as the Traditional Canvas.  The canvas is mounted onto a very rigid and lightweight foamboard.  This option is durable and will not warp; it is a great pre-treatment for a canvas print that will be framed.  Easel stands provide a great option for tabletop display as well.


Beautiful photographic print neatly wrapped around sturdy, 3/16" Gatorboard.  This option is ready to be hung on a wall with a spacer that gives the image the appearance of floating on the wall; an easel stand would provide a great means  for tabletop display as well.  The Ready-to-Hang ThingWrap is available in three finishes all with satin laminate:

-Metallic: Has a glossy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth.

-Lustre: Professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture.

-Canvas: The same material as the traditional canvas.


Dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, creating truly archival works of art.  These prints are highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultra scratch-resistant.  The unique printing method gives photos a vibrant luminescence with incredible detail and resolution.  Choose from High Gloss and Satin finishes.  They come ready-to-hang with 3/4" thick lightweight foam blocks and aluminum plate with pre-drilled holes.  When hung, these stunning prints will float off the wall.

Paper Prints

Traditional prints are suitable for use in photo albums or framing.  All options are printed on professional photo papers and in most cases, you will have the choice between Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic papers.  Lustre paper has a very fine grain pebble texture and produces a rich look while reducing glare.  Glossy paper can intensify colors, but may produce glare from certain angles of viewing.  Metallic paper has a glassy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth.  In addition to delivering rich, vibrant flesh tones, this paper offers century-plus image stability.  Metallic paper is ideal for portrait and commercial applications.

-Standard Sizes

These prints fit common frame sizes.  Keep in mind that most photos come out of the camera in a 2:3 aspect ratio, meaning that 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 24x36 print sizes should not need any cropping.  Other sizes may need some cropping, which can be done before finalizing the order.

-Other Sizes

These are prints that may not fit common frames but may have other uses.

-Panoramic Sizes

These are long and narrow prints, which can provide a very visually appealing effect in certain circumstances.

-Square Sizes

As the name implies, these are square prints, ranging from 5x5 to 30x30.



These are items such as mugs and keychains that allow you to display the photo on something you use every day.

-Stuff you wear

All kinds of options are available here, including screen-printed t-shirts with the photo of your choice.

Digital Downloads

This option allows you to download the image without the watermark and display it however you like without violating copyright laws.

-Personal Photo License

This is the most popular option for obtaining photos for sharing online or for printing yourself.

This allows you to download the photo for personal use, including sharing with friends and family.  The web size will look nice on phones, on facebook, and on instragram, but will not print well.  The original size will give you the original file which you may print and reproduce as much as you like for personal use.

The personal license does not allow you to re-sell the photo or use it for business purposes.

-Commercial Photo License

This allows unrestricted use of the photo.  Please read the license information for more details.

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